Wednesday, December 13

The Lord of The Games

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Looking back at our recent election, one can say that jueteng actually played an imperative component in opting for fraudulent officials principally at local government where vote-buying and hoaxes were prevalent. These deceitful leaders were actually tagged as among the zenith jueteng lords in our nation. They are prepared to fritter millions of pesos for election proffers on previous May census.

Hitherto with these issues, the state still repudiates to categorically assert full-scale hostilities in opposition to jueteng. In actual fact, under the administration of Ms. Arroyo not a single jueteng lord or operator was apprehended for illicit gambling. Yet almost everyone discerned it was thriving throughout her term. What happened? Many of us haven’t perceived that under the former president’s term, jueteng was merely prowling in the dusks of STL; unperturbed and undetected, from there it persists to carry out its functions of endowing steady mire accounts for fraudulent politicians out there pretending to be naive.

The accounts of PCSO for the period of 2006-2007 alleging that the state engendered Php 3 Billion as proceeds and granted almost 62500 jobs from STL operations. One might think this proceeds was large enough; however this was far too minute compared to the genuine monthly proceeds of jueteng lords in Pampanga alone, which is estimated to be Php 500 billion based on the latest Philippine Star reports. Thus, STL is nothing more than the state’s own approach of taxing jueteng. However in order to tax lawfully, the state ought to consider drastically if they will concede its justification or not.

Purging jueteng was the question, making it authorized was another. Beyond all of these, one fact is for sure, legalization of jueteng is nothing but a hypocritical acquiescence with Church norms and virtues. If P-Noy decides to officially authorize jueteng then it will befall a staid nationwide security concern that may eventually dictate the upshot of Philippine politics in the coming years.


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