Wednesday, December 13

Tips on Keeping Your Kids Active During The Winter

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The temperatures have dropped, the winter winds are blowing and it is bitterly cold outside. With television and video games to entertain your children, how do you get them up and moving?

The cold weather is no excuse for turning into couch potatoes. A sedentary life does not need to be a part of winter. Getting yourself and your children active during the winter will benefit both of you.

Winter sports

Take advantage of local arenas that offer Sunday afternoon open ice skating. Bundle up and make it a routine. The exercise is good for you and you might even turn your children on to an activity that they will enjoy.

Ice skating not for you? What about roller skating? This can be a fun family activity to do on the weekend. Roller skating is a good aerobic activity.

Join a winter bowling league for parents and children. Check out local bowling alleys. If they do not have a league for parents and children, talk to friends with children your age and see if you can get one started. Bowling is a sport that anyone can do. It will get you out of the house and doing something fun with your children.

Another idea for getting active during the winter is getting outside and exploring the winter. Dress warmly and go out for a walk with your children. Go to a local park and just allow them to run around and have fun. This doesn’t cost any money and since you bought them winter boots and warm outdoor wear, why not take advantage and use it?

Indoor activities

When the weather just prevents you from outdoor activities or travelling, you still can get your children moving. If you have a Wii gaming system, you have a tool for getting your children active. Most systems came with Wii Sports which is a family-friendly game that has many options for fun activities. Baseball, bowling, golf, tennis and boxing are just a few of the sports you can play with this game. Using the Wii system is not like video games of the past. Getting up off the couch and physically taking part in the activity is a good workout and can be a lot of fun to do with your children of any age.

If you do not have a Wii system or other gaming system that is interactive, put some music on. Motivate your children to get up and express themselves through dancing. The aerobic workout of just jumping around and being silly will pass the time and your children will love it.

Still another option to keep your children active during the winter is to introduce them to yoga. Try out different yoga dvds and you will be teaching your children techniques to help them focus better and teach themselves how to relax.

Local health clubs have classes for children and parents to take together but if you are watching your finances, doing it at home is the next best thing. Go to your local library to see what they have available instead of buying a dvd that you may not like.

Getting your children to be more active in the winter just takes a little more planning and thought. You do not need to rely on television and sedentary activities to keep them entertained when the weather is cold.


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