Monday, December 11

Failure is The Recipe of Success, Billionaires Tips

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A lot of the self-made billionaires have the same commonalities – failure. Most of them fail a lot of times before they actually become very successful and wealthy in life.  From my personal researches, I have found some interesting findings about the traits of billionaires around the world.

1. Sam Walton:

Ken Fisher points out that Sam Walton’s First Arkansas store went bust.Source: Forbes This means that Sam Walton failed his first store but eventually turns out to be a great lesson learnt.

2. Mark Cuban:

His net worth is $2.5 billion. This is what he said

“Coming home and having the lights turned off because you couldn’t afford to pay the bills. It’s incredibly motivating and humbling.” – Source: Forbes

3.  Diane Hendricks

Currently, she has net worth of $2.1 billion. She mentioned that:

“Everyone has to go through the process of trying to explain to someone your dreams and convince them it can be possible. It can be a humbling experience because they often don’t get it. But you need to be fully committed to your dreams and to making them real. Part of that is to be able to articulate that dream and to go out on that limb and make your case.” – Source: Forbes

4. Darwin Deason:

Currently, he has $1 billion of net worth.

“You have to have success and failure. Both make you better, both help you learn and both will help you fail less often. But you have to have both. ” – Source: Forbes

5. Donald trump:

I bet everyone knows who he is.

“I’ll tell you why–no matter how bad a day he’s having, he keeps his head up high and he goes back and fights some more. … He doesn’t go and put his head in the ground and cry.” – Source: Forbes

From the 5 billionaires above, most of them failed before they succeed. I feel that we should be daring to do what we want to do. Even if it fails, we will learn a very good lesson from it.


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