Tuesday, December 12

Eight Important Tips For Oil Consumption

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Modern life of commercialism has filled markets with various edible oils, hooking the attention of the consumers with attractive advertisements. There are various categories of edible oils available today. Nowadays refined oils have flooded the markets projecting themselves as the best for human health. All the oils have their own pros and contras in maintaining health.

Oil concern of modern life

The nutritional aspects of oil are linked with cholesterol and coronary diseases. Though refined oils are stripped of their fatty acids, they do have negative effects due to various reasons. It is a fact that some nutritional values are lost while refining. But business techniques of modern commercialism make the oils attractive with color and odor and compete in the market confusing the consumer. Modern fast food era is making use of oils more than the previous times. Consumer preferences vary from one area to another.

Eight important tips for oil consumption

1) Taking into account the current nutritional recommendations, the limit of oil usage, whatever oil it may be, should be according to the health conditions of the individual. 

2) A person requires only 20% of his energy level. The intake includes other invisible fats also which are present in cereals and other food stuffs.

3) If a person has high level of cholesterol, the intake of fats should be restricted as per the advice of the physician. Consuming oil or fat stuffs beyond the limit prescribed by the physician may lead to problems like atherosclerosis which clogs the arteries leading to damage of blood vessels. 

4) In cooking, use oils high in polyunsaturates and low in cholesterol. Margarine or butter is high in hard fat.

5) Frying foods consume more oil and increase cholesterol level. Grilling and baking will reduce your oil level. If frying is a necessity, use oil absorbing devices and drain oil as much as possible. Kitchen paper can also be used for serving.

6) As for the calories in cooking one teaspoon of oil (about 15 grams in weight) is ideal to provide about 125 calories on an average.

7) Adulteration of oil should be checked before using it as it will lead to so many complications. Edible oils available in sealed packets in markets are ideal. Check the genuineness of manufacturing.

8) Edible oils should be consumed within six months. Also verify the date of expiry and other details marked on the packet. 


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