Thursday, December 14

Apple Iphone Features

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Apple iPhone is more popular all over the world recent days. This is mainly because of many reasons. All the features are very unique in Apple iPhone and aesthetically the phone is very appealing compared to other equivalent models.

  • It has its unique Video Calling facility called “Face Time” which is very brilliant and may not be found in many phones. Though 3G is emerging, Face Time feature is an excellent feature from Apple iPhone.

  • The resolution of Apple iPhone is 960 x 640 which almost gives you a computer monitor kind of clarity. Hence the menus and visuals are appealing compared to other models. Apple call this as “Retina Display”

  • Unlike other phones which are restricted for one application in one time, this Apple iPhone has Multitasking feature. Simultaneously one can browse, hear music, play video, make call, transfer data to other devices etc.

  • High definition Video recording is another feature. The videos and images taken from Apple iPhone are almost equal to a very good digital camera. Apple iPhone got a 5 mega pixel camera with flash facility.

  • It has other applications and features packed like Mailing, Social networking, Games, Safari browser integration, iPod application, iTune store, iBooks, iMovie etc.

  • It has a brilliant calendar feature with good activity scheduling facilities.

  • It has other features like stock market watch, weather watch, notes, you tube video viewer etc.

The success of apple is mainly in thinking of new features in their products. Not only in Apple iPhone, if we look at other products like Mac OS, iPod, iPad etc, everywhere one can see the brilliance of Apple. This is the key for success of Apple.


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