Monday, December 11

How to Get Good Teeth?

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Teeth make your smile attractive. It is therefore very important to have bright teeth. White and health are the two factors that would provide a good smile.

There are certain tips given below to help you to get the best teeth and smile:

·         Baking soda helps in whitening your teeth. Dip your tooth brush in hydrogen peroxide at a less volume to gain bright teeth. This helps in giving a white color to your teeth.

·         Consult a dentist for scaling, this will remove the stains in your teeth and make the surface of your teeth clean and bright.

·         Avoid drinking tea and coffee frequently. They are harming your teeth. Drink water suddenly after drinking tea and coffee to reduce their effect on your teeth.

·         Eat ample amount of apple and carrots. They help in get rid of the deposits in your teeth. This is because they increase the saliva in your mouth.

·         Avoid smoking. Smoking gives a brown stain on your teeth, which is very difficult to remove.  This penetrates deep into the enamel making its removal difficult.

·         Brush your teeth regularly for 3 minutes to avoid yellowing of your teeth. It is also a good habit to brush your teeth after every meal. This is not possible always, so wash your mouth after taking the meals.

You can get a lot of herbal products containing puthina and cloves. They help to brighten your teeth and giving fresh breathes. Herbs will help in making your teeth white and bright.



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