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Twilight Saga: New Moon

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Event of the year has arrived! Maybe you like me tapping on the forehead and gazing toward the Avatar, but no. All surveys, advance sales, and particularly crafty news reports clearly indicate that this year most heads turned toward the second volume Twilight saga. And if you get some time next week to face serious oním decision whether to go for it or not, you will definitely appreciate some advice that I would now like to pass. Well, the first is that you should avoid him. And second, that you definitely need to follow the first.

New Moon is the revelation that can surprise even those who do not catch at Twilight in the head and are able to say that this is a harmless teen romance (Just think of the monstrous earnings and the persistence phenomenon and now it’s better). The second trip to town Forks, which would now mortal Bella and vampire Edward should live happily until the end of her days, but will be very disappointing for these very tolerant soul. And surprisingly, mainly because it reproduces every step of the Twilight.

Return to the world of dysfunctional romantic relationships that are willing to tolerate him only because they are so dead-up fun is almost a literal entry into the same river. Bella (again) finds himself alone in Forks, as a family after Cullenovic Small birthday excesses disappear to an unknown destination. Why was she just left her lover in the woods, from which at that time (again) exported one corpse after another, better deal or do not start. And so troubled and troubling to see that the Indian boy, Jacob, whom his friend despite his annoying personality and very cool hairstyle, could replace the space after Edward. Begins to converge with him then, but (again) finds that it is not just an ordinary non-bourgeois, but … sure, changes … a werewolf, because of which could be their eventual romance fun (again) a bit dangerous.

And I am seriously wondering why you should attend this all again (explaining “it was so in the book” is not recognized!). New month, a substantial part of their footage used to copy the story of his predecessor, added a few (the hero), adrenaline and a little escapades spread the mythology of the Twilight universe, but that’s that. You can say a hundred times, it’s actually elevated to a love triangle story inches forward, as the ghouls come running to the scene and called the Volturi vampire nobility, in fact, but only as targets of ridicule and other viewers to solve the same over and over again. I plot lines that remain and are quite dubious character and begin to form a vicious circle from which we also seem to bring up the third (or third and fourth?) Part. Above all, the fact that Bell probably never leave the desire for eternal life after the vampire Edward’s side, making even more new moon pales. It is about how to split up the start to 130 minutes to ponder this, if necessary again at the end does not matter. And that’s about the whole point of the film.

Minimum shift story, which is distended in the new moon for so long, should be compensated by deepening the relations between characters, but as you might guess by rating down, miracles happened. The biggest problem Twilight, hardly believable romantic motives involved teenagers persist. And getting worse with each new attempt at loving religion or rejection. Kristen Stewart (Bella) was led by Catherine Hardwicke quite beautiful, which succumb to the mysterious white face, despite its superficiality could stand under the supervision of Chris Weitz new but is mainly responsible for screaming in your sleep, try přizabít a motorbike and dramatic attempts to compensate for dead- Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

On the other hand, regular time costs Lautner, who are all trying to save his scenes drawn up muscles, but the last came out as not to be 100% of the screen annoying and out of place. So turn away from him confess a single moment (God forbid that someone upset). And as we all know, Robert Pattinson (Edward) will not save nothing, not even in smaller doses. His role in the new moon is reduced to a minimum and mostly just trying not to move too much to him shirt mags could get us into an idol of a misunderstood young ladies and their mothers.

That we expect from the central three miracles could wait a bit, but still lived in hope the new director of supervision of her, and all of the film, could squeeze out anything even remotely worthy of the forthcoming mega sales. Chris Weitz, who gave the world an excellent comedy About A Boy, but failed in a way that would not expect even the biggest opponents of the Golden Compass. That pulls out into battle with a mixture of digital werewolves we know already from the trailers, they are still immature tricks but ultimately the least concern of the entire film.

Much more pain no impact virtually every scene, whether you have To turn to emotion or adrenaline. In those cases, gives better ridicule those reliably worse to sleep. And it may arrive before the camera, one of the protagonists prefer Twilight, vampire, or perhaps a new reinforcements in the form of Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning. Extremes, which could not tame Weitz, is the four teenage werewolves, who fundamentally do not wear T-shirts, but the woods are poschovávanou inexhaustible supply of pants. Or maybe I really did not understand where it is still married.

After the trailer was hoping maybe someone in a small miracle, but just the opposite occurred. New Moon is perhaps the worst film of all sites than Twilight, even though someone may have difficulty to imagine. Uninteresting story, largely incomprehensible replicating leader, is the maximum number of sources of unintentionally funny moments, during which the vampires and werewolves themselves pour babble about eternal enmity and super-secret secrets of his fellows, without you woke up in a pinch of curiosity. Calling for the true love to jump off the cliff, the strengthening of relations visit of Italian heritage and to preserve the mental health of friends with the guardians of the forest half-naked. Or you can also stay at home.


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