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Stories of unsuccessful scientific experiments are as old as science itself. While progress progresses, the plot is still hanging around the unsuccessful attempts in which you want to skip the natural spiral of development – and brought him to mess, which took the form of something hateful, greasy and usually deadly. Splice in this is no exception.

At the beginning it is more eager brain, which has gone too far. Even two. The Elsin (Sarah Polley) goes beyond ethics course with far more than would have been willing to allow her life partner Clive (Adrien Brody). The desire to save humanity with new medications is obviously just an excuse. Elsa drives the first scientific curiosity and wounded pride that can only appease kneaded clone from human and animal DNA.Result? Small ugly creatures, recalls what a hybrid rabbit, nutria, and ostrich. But soon the word will be reported genes Homo SapiensSapiens, and strange creatures grow old girl on behalf of the drain. Girl by Elsa always wanted so much …

Splice is the reputation of achievement in spite of twice the original. Just a theme of motherhood and the desire to buy a headless toddlers throughout the film is perhaps the most interesting. It spreads like a film from the umbilical cord opening to end credits and developers can make use of even quite spectacular finale itself. In addition to these reproductive instincts attaches the best scene – say three daring sexual escapades, from the establishment in the storyline is clear that the scenario had someone care. And every move that weighed much more carefully than the sci-fi-on with the usual lemon spheres.

But the do not rejoice prematurely. Although the film has been successfully developing in terms of drama, and you can feel that something juicy yields even horror, perverse ways.But eventually Splice fully satisfy neither in one direction. Turnover in the behavior of the characters are sharp, hurried up, the two heroes to actually go through all conceivable emotion that can feel like that to a girl, what is the drain. Moreover, for me personally it did not work, transforming the cheaper digital monsters in the first little girl (= kid with the mask), and then in the regular Top Model, which remained a stork’s tail and feet (just started with her little eyes away from each other, that’s it). Although the motives and each individual story lines fit smoothly, despite the superior performances, at the very credibility of the Splice infamous. The film then has the power drawn into her world and give the audience everything it is eaten by legendary winch.

This is a problem because the spooky sci-fi is carved so that within fifteen minutes of footage. To the sharper finals and two more extreme moments in the plane Splice holds much calmer. Within the limits of psychological, intimate and slightly weird cloning adventure, which reminds her feeling something from earlier films David Cronenberg and Paul Verhoeven. For it points to the good. This dish is lovely once again enjoy an honest disgust, blood and kind of slimy cloning caterpillars, which are presented as the pinnacle of human knowledge. The mainstream is pushed to produce neat and sterile processing that anyone horrified, Splice hand, a very nice paved path, which evokes scenes of classics such as Fly or Robocop.

But the delicious and extravagant ugliness of the sex scenes for the full message of the film needed a much more impressive. That’s how they pull it contrary to at least average – better yet, in the atmosphere, and overall balanced údernějším pic could aspire to the position of “legendary bizarre”.

Director VincenzoNatali, in its story about Drain unfortunately did not go so much to heart. Faced with certain passages and signs is a great pity. Splice remained in all respects to the halfway point.


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