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The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

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LucBesson probably have to use the death statute for a European film making legend.And it deserves a few. The Fifth Element, Leon, Nikita brutal deep magic or are movies that are simply fantastic.

Then he began producing and directing cough. When he returns occasionally now, just deleted the world average and sometimes bad movies. Secrets of the mummy is no exception.

The question many people have put the trailer is “why?”. Why LucBesson decided to devote my time just this movie? Ever since the first images is perhaps everyone’s head was thought “it looks like Indiana Jones, only much worse.” And so it is. Secrets of the mummy is indeed an adaptation for us unknown comic series, but … Indiana Jones looks like. Only much cheaper, as low-grade imitation. So it actually happened exactly the way everybody is afraid. Why Besson shot the film, which simply had to know that it will be compared with the film series, which is nearly thirty years, considered quite a classic, probably only he knows. And I guess even he knows why he cleaned up so that the boring result.

For the adventurous movie that was going, like man overlooks less precious tricks.Tricks responsible for the revived mummy would say deserved a good kick in the ass and pterodactyl looks decently only at moments when it does not stand for no man, but it could be forgiven if the movie was funny. Unfortunately, not much. Makers bet everything on styling, and so we have a hunter with a giant beard and thick parodic detective and a lot of other characters, which may operate in the comics interesting start, but in the movie look as weird as Srstka in predators. Just watching it very nicely.

Besson but surprisingly disappointing as a storyteller. Once you adjust the pace and atmosphere, and proceed to the Mystery mummy is likely to be just like children, they shall draw the director with a really brutal scene (needles) or allow Louise Bourgoin be so sexy, that would be considered shy or Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Simply put – if you are a person living with the rules of the game and proceed to the Mystery mummy is half demented narratives for children, pulls him Besson read something and give it an adult decision. This stylish but ambiguity – whether intentional or not – but definitely not a good thing.

Four stars and almost an average score of this patchwork gets just because a trip to Egypt in the first half is quite good, and that before we start Besson mixing genres, styles and everything, we can look at it without making people suffer. And even sometimes appears as a flash of fun. Oh, and also for the seductive Louise Bourgoin.

LucBesson returns as director with a story about a heroic woman, Pterodactyl, and pile of mummies. And it’s soul. Secrets of mummies would be wanting a bit like Indiana Jones, but only Besson shot shit with a pretty actress in a leading role.


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