Monday, December 18


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Where can believe the forecasts of the old Maya, we have it for a couple. Title this year, come the end of the world, flat disaster, which survive even cockroaches. Chuck Norris probably yes, but it is in the new film by Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day, Patriot Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC) unfortunately does not exist. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that’s only for a moment.

The thing is: Wine is a kind of solar activity associated (do not ask, please, I tried to re-confess, in all this pseudo-scientific babble) is angry at the Earth’s core and stuck all over them the ultimate middle finger. Scientist Adrian Helmsley (ChiwetelEjiofor) finds the way things are, and will immediately notify the U.S. government. She decides to keep the matter secret and inform only the tip of other nations.

Meanwhile, a failed writer and divorced father of two successful children, Curtis Jackson (John Cusack) struggling with his estranged branches and obviously had not been dried to the love of an ex-wife (Amanda Peetová). On a trip to the park, however Yellowstoneského encounters with suspicious behavior, not only of scientists and soldiers, but also somewhat manic radio “prophet” Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson), a forecasting look like gibberish classic, but of course we know that is true to a tee.Among other things it comes and that the government knows everything, and somewhere secretly built a huge space ship on which the group has chosen to flee to safety.

This information is Jackson will soon come in handy. Worldwide will increase the frequency and intensity of the unpleasant phenomena that look like earthquakes, but, as scientists know, in fact portend shifts in the earth’s crust, which then results in the decay of entire continents, huge tsunami waves, spectacular shots of the destruction of famous monuments, etc . When it all finally over, time Jackson was loaded into the limousine ex-family (including mother’s new boyfriend, who is coincidentally behind about two flying lessons, which he later on will come in handy when piloting six hundred ton Russian Antonov) and go to run rampant spread out toward California nebulous visions of security, respectively. not death.

From a certain perspective is Emmerich movie, which surprisingly decided to equip distributor, subtitled “everything goes to hell,” an ambitious and ultimately also quite impressive. Tricks are immense, a series of shots at the less resistant individuals cause a drop in the jaw, and fleeing the scene must be mentioned in a limo is a prospectus credentials brawling (though of course in such a way that comicsovým, regardless of logic, physics and probability). The first stumbling block, however, is that the film has an incredible 158 minutes, which is really familiar, and they spectacular passages of them are about a quarter.

And so, while the world die tens of millions per second, we will devote the characters, we are quite stolen, if they do not wish death just because it plays a likable actor or actress (Cusack, Ejiofor, Peetová, yet broached Thandie Newton as the president’s daughter). In general terms, when it comes to building character, Emmerich is a co-Harald Kloserem deeper into the grove than Agata Hanychova the puzzle. So a significant part of the film from the screen line chilly boredom, the last about twenty minutes, it’s strictly from “so I save or die, but I want to go home!” Even if true, it moves in and one of dementedly entertaining scenes, when it is in full swing most of the struggle for life has not died, while pushing us Emmerich minute visual question mark whether it is a cute little dog gets time for his owner. Sooty funny moments here, of course, as always in the habit of the Beast, is not enough. For example, mini-dialogue with a total flight of a fiery inferno, resembling a volcanic eruption a few at a time: “What is it?” – “Hawaii.” – “That’s not good.”

Again, there is not enough to “Guilty Pleasure” mindless entertainment, a factor of 2012 if only for a glimpse of the heights, which ranged Emmerich Independence Day magnum opus. Conversely, in places perhaps expect from us, that’s all we’ll get a bit serious (Patriot Alert!). What I’m not quite sure what it has to be humor or, conversely, trying to authenticity: for example, the American president is black (though of course it is possible that Danny Glover was cast before the victory of BarackObama), or the statesmanship of speech, California Governor on television at the moment appears very bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator.

Generally also do not know what the 2012 actually do, or if you travel to the cinema or to recommend you to block the entrance to his body. OK if you have a high threshold of boredom and a penchant for flashy special effects jets go. If you are a naturalist and something you have in your pocket marijuana go. If you use often the word “vamp” for God’s sake stay home. If you are Chuck Norris and kill Mother Nature.

PS: 2012 is not against anything, the real fear fills me with the fact that the next film by Roland Emmerich should be adaptations of sci-fi classic Isaac Asimov Foundation, including zero percent blasts and ninety-nine percent of intelligent dialogue. Perhaps it’s the realization of something mercifully avoids. End of the world, maybe.


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