Monday, December 18

Love Happens

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Jennifer Aniston fans are lucky. Friends ended five years ago, but her career is booming. While not as far as genre-scale, three romantic dramas of the year is but a respectable performance. Although in love at second sight (again) plays a handsome counterweight to the main character. Even the flower straight to the slower you understand that its main role is to stand next to tulips and try to look as good as they. Of course nothing against it!

Burke widower needs is a little joy in life. His wife died three years ago and are offset with just a traditional way. Instead of remembrance discussions with relatives of his misery writes a book, which soon becomes a bestseller. Need advice on how to cope with the loss of another? So come to the seminar with the author himself, who will be smiling, explaining that life is good and you with your move forward. Why mourn over a dead person, so much beauty around them? Maybe florist Eloise, in which just one stick on the floor (Czech name is lying!), And you are clear with whom you’d like a drink.

Celebrity mourners, while still not completely ready for a date, the tanning of surviving but not exactly satisfying activity. And it’s time to try something else. Mining new discovery seems to be the right choice, but soon turns out that old wounds have not healed completely. In addition, the game enters the parents of the deceased wife and almost irresistible to spin rozhozených Americans nationwide. Burke is able to pick up in time to make the right decision? Respectively, can walk with it in one evening forehead so that it could believe it?

Crack this nut tries to debutant Brandon Camp, which is definitely not miss the casting.The main role is entrusted to Aaron Eckhart, whose acting ability stands far above most of the film, which appears (approximately honor two exceptions). Here is a certainty, without which the ship went down, but the problem is that it is twice-friendly scenario. Put together a romantic drama with a touch of comedy is not an easy thing.

The film is basically about how Burke led his workshop and gives advice on how to overcome ones death. And because of what happened, he wrote a book about it, and can conjure a smile on his face, whenever necessary, you should listen to him. Never mind that his words of woe wiped up (look at it from different perspectives, etc.), all around is a lot of people are depressed, and you would be interested to know how to deal with the pauper. In his free time, then packed Eloise, that there is actually only so that Burke could strew forums and fight with the old times.

Eckhart makes the problem all these lines play it, in themselves, but only low hiding really funny or touching moments. And the mix is not romantic or dramatic enough to make you struck it right in the seat. In the end of you unfortunately just trying to pull some of those emotions through the most classic film-making practices, but they reach into a spasm, it would be for her camp director should be ashamed. And the same should be done in a few particularly painful moments when the film tries to cram its traveled humor, as if he came here from another universe.

Oddly enough, for it can not Judy Greer (post the same old friend), or Dan Fogler (the first time a normal person). Without those insensitive attacks on the diaphragm but we could at least talk about a standard romance, which ended somewhere in diameter and not too shameful moments. With them, and burnt a lot of finals is fractionally worse.


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