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Save Time And Money This Christmas or Anytime

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Shop Online This Christmas

You can find deals on items online that you could never find in stores – Rechargeable batteries in any size, gift certificates at a discount or even free, subscriptions for practically anything that you can think of – along with unbelievable trades and barters!

For instance, , located in China, regularly has all its mobile accessories 80% off. Try not to be put off by international sellers. I purchased a cell phone battery for only $8 by combining a coupon and a free shipping deal on top of the sale price. It seems to work better than the one that came with my phone. (Everything comes from China anyway.)

If you buy your items online by clicking on a site that pays you cash back on your purchases and following its link to your favorite site, you could save up to 10% in many cases. Occasionally, you can find a way to combine sales, coupons, rebates, and free shipping to get a truly phenomenal price on one or more expensive items. Make sure you’re getting the most cash back for your purchases. is reportedly a good site to check this.

Need to save money on gas this holiday season or know someone else that does? – Who doesn’t? Use your points on one of the many rewards sites to purchase a BP or other gift card that you earned while playing games, doing searches, or answering questions online. Don’t have time for that? Try sites like Cardwoo or eBay to buy gift cards at a discount. (Don’t forget to get a PayPal account. Some sites pay you cash!)

Buying your postage online can save you money. – No trips to the store and you can recycle your junk mail and scrap paper by printing it out on the back or unused portion. If you do a lot of mailing, you can buy postage at a discount from places like EBay and sites like that sell collections will let you buy stamps at a discount for mailing all of your Christmas cards.

Having trouble finding stocking-stuffers for the people on your Christmas list? Try freebies. There are tons of free samples, trial offers, and coupons (some of them don’t expire) that would be perfect for this purpose. Coupons are great because you can find them for anything from prescription drugs to Subway sandwiches. There’s bound to be someone who could benefit from Redbox promo codes, for instance. Write them down when you come across them. – If you can find a nice way to present them, even better. (Sites like have a big selection of printable coupons and many sites will send them to you in the mail as an option or if you have trouble getting them to print.)

New Reason to “Check In”

There are iphone and android apps that will help save you money. Some apps like Shopkick give you points or rewards as soon as you enter a store. Other apps, such as Cellfire and Yowza will send coupons to your cell phone. There are more and more barcode apps that use your camera phone to scan an item’s barcode to give you points, coupons, rebates, and other rewards. These points can add up quickly and lead to free gift cards or other items.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can save you money with helpful links, promo codes, and other rewards. If a site has these symbols, check it out. Many companies have yet more offers on these networking sites. There’s also a new way to network with Take a few minutes to set this up and you’ll be able to post to all of your favorite social networking sites at the same time. You can arrange them to post one message to your business accounts and another to your personal ones.

Time Is Money

Using your cell phone can also save you time. Instead of running around like a crazy person trying to remember what you have to stock up on for the holidays and instead of rummaging around for that piece of paper that might have fallen out of your pocket with the list you were keeping, take pictures. Take pictures of the ads, the sale signs, the items you’re running out of, the model numbers you need to keep track of and the landmarks on the way to someone’s house.

By the way, your cell phone can also use sound bites from songs (Shazam for iphone )and movies from the radio, the tv, or that dvd you were just watching and tell you the name of it. Or do you really think you’re cool enough to know the name of each of your thirteen year old’s new favorite songs, movies or video games? That’s what your cell phone is for. (Hint: That’s what an Amazon wish list is for, too.)


Recycle. Some cities have places that will recycle old Christmas lights and give you new, energy saving LED Christmas lights free. Check your local phone book as well as the internet for local and national recycling businesses that will pay you or give you coupons to get rid of your old stuff. Register at before Christmas and pick up free used items in your area. Everything from tools to tablecloths and gift wrap are available.

Give Yourself a Gift Card

When checking out at Walgreens, use those coupons “toward your next purchase” on the purchase of a gift card instead. – That way, they get used and you’re less likely to buy things you don’t need. To cover the minimum purchase requirements for coupons at your local grocery store, buy yourself a gift card instead of magazines and junk food. You know you’ll use it, you could use it as a gift for someone you forgot to put on your list, and you’ll have a happier holiday without the guilt of unnecessary purchases on top of everything else you have to buy this Christmas.


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