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Installation of Windows 7

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Three basic steps that has to be followed first

  • Install on a brand new computer or disk

  • Erase and format the disk.

  • Installation in a new directory for dual booting.

If either of the first two methods has to be followed then the user must make sure that the computer can boot from DVD.  Usually nowadays the latest computers boot from DVD. In order to boot from DVD boot order in the CMOS or BIOS has to be changed. Without the floppy disk and a new cleaned (empty) hard disk, the DVD drive has to be tried. After selecting the option of boot from DVD, the windows 7 setup file in the original Windows 7 DVD has to run.

Depending upon the speed of the computer, the installation takes its time. It takes usually around 15 to 30 minutes.

Typical Installation

If the installation is to be made in an empty partition and you booting an OS (Operating System) which is supported the purpose of Setting up (Windows XP or Vista), booting up has to be done, insertion of the DVD and choosing “Install Now” from the dialog box that appears on the screen. Then the installation step by step can be done.

If the Windows does not detect the Windows 7 DVD automatically when inserted, the setup program has to be run by clicking setup.exe, from the Start menu, then “Run” has to be clicked from the dialog box. After clicking the Run option in the dialog box, type for example D:/setup.exe, if it is in the D drive of the computer system. It changes according to the systems used by the users. If it is on vista then search it in the Search box present in the Start menu. The correct drive has to be chosen. Setup.exe application will be found in Sources directory in the OS DVD. Once when the routine begins, the step by step installation process can be done.

If the computer system has an empty hard disk or if the current OS does not support, then the process has to be changed. The installation process has to be launched from the OS DVD itself. This can be done only when the computer system has the option to boot from the DVD drive. The setup runs automatically when booting takes place from the DVD itself.


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