Tuesday, December 12

Beginner Workout Program Tips

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Athletic beginners usually plunge into their exercise regimen with little or no understanding and preparation. What most beginners do not realize is all of the pitfalls connected with training. The rewards are fantastic, as everybody knows. But the pitfalls can be almost as devastating to the health as the sedentary lifestyle they are trying to leave behind. The secret is to understand them and be able to navigate around them. If you exercise properly, you could reap enormous health benefits for many years to come.

With morbid obesity and sedentary lifestyles on the rise, exercising is becoming more and more critical to heading off premature death. For exercise is so much more: it is a regimented discipline that also includes a better diet and far less vices. It is a commitment that has to be adhered to or else it just doesn’t work. Injury and burnout are common in many beginners, who simply lack the understanding and experience that goes with the more seasoned athletes. However, you do not become an exercise veteran until you start. The thing is to know whatever you choose is right for you and you can commit to at least 3-5 days a week.

Look at something like running: a very popular exercise program that is easy to do, doesn’t cost much and can reap huge rewards. For beginners, this doesn’t necessarily mean paying huge costs for shoes and clothes. You can, if you wish to. But high-quality shoes and clothes can be bought, with little wear, at thrift stores. A good tip is to have good shock absorbing shoes to help negate the effect of shock and stresses on your lower extremities and back. A common mistake made by many beginners is wearing of poor quality running shoes. Either buy top quality brand new or get them at the rummage store. Avoiding injury should be front and center on your list.

If you have not run since high school-start off slowly and carefully. Sprinting out like you own the road usually leads to injuries, heat stroke and other physical ills. Start by running a quarter to a half a mile at a time, three days a week. If you simply cannot, start by power walking, which gradually builds up your physical and mental strengths. Then progress into running. As your body continues to develop, adjust the distances upwards until you can run a mile or two at a time, at least several times a week. Any form of exercise should be about gradually building up your abilities to do it., not only for the sake of your physical health, but your emotional and mental preparations that go with it. As your psyche rises or fall, so does your physical ability to do it.


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