Wednesday, December 13

Tips to Brighten Your Teeth

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The first thing that attracts a person is your smile. Smile can only be beautiful with white and bright teeth.  There are many treatments for whitening your teeth. They do not give permanent results. In order to get enduring and satisfying results you will have practice certain natural tips at home.

·         Avoid consumption of products like tea and coffee, this might stain your teeth. The stain caused by the beverages is difficult to remove. 

·         Practice brushing your teeth twice a day. Also wash your mouth well after eating.

·         Use fluoride as fewer as possible.  They are found in tooth pastes and also in water supplies.  Intake of too much fluoride might result in discoloration.

·         Certain fruits and vegetables can also stain your teeth.  This doesn’t mean to avoid those fruits; instead you need to brush your teeth after taking those kinds of fruits and vegetables.

·         Use strawberries and orange peel to whiten your teeth. They are highly effective in making your teeth bright.

·         Select the best mouth wash. Some type of mouth wash contains alcohol in them. Alcohol will discolor your teeth.

·          Mixture of baking soda and vinegar gives a bright color to your teeth.

Never use chemical substance in your teeth. It might result in permanent discoloration. Use herbal products to make your teeth bright without any harmful effects.  Herbal products not only whiten your tooth but also make your breath fresh and cool. Herbal products are the most trustworthy products that will make your smile attractive.

You don’t need to try on expensive items to whiten your teeth; neither do you require the use of harsh chemicals. By using preventive measures you can make you smile brighter without harming your teeth in other ways.


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