Wednesday, December 13

The Old, The Poor, And The Tired

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 I find that I acquire new diseases, feel weaker, and get more tired with every passing year. I think about my set of mind a few years back and I realize that I thought I was unstopable. I thought I was made of steel. I was ready to set the world on fire and conquer any challenges that came in my way.

However, after a recent accident my health has dramatically declined. I have no energy to prove anything to anyone anymore. I am just trying to survive. I think about my life as an elderly person. My future looks scary. I think about how much money the young people waste on useless items like clothing and I realize that I should be saving for retirement. It may not be as far away as I think.

The government does not take care of the elderly and the disabled persons very well. The social security payments are very small and it is impossible to live on them. It really is the survival of the fittest. It is important to have many different income streams. You never know when the time will come for you to rely on those reserves. Young people should get smart about money because they may need it sooner than they know.


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