Tuesday, December 12

How to Stay Positive After Losing Your Job

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One of the ways of staying positive is to keep busy. The less time focused on the misery of being unemployed is all the the better for you towards staying positive. With so much spare time, and all of the uncertainty of being unemployed hanging over your head, languishing in your home and quietly becoming morbidly obese through overeating will not help your situation one bit. You can’t repress your feelings: anger, sadness and anxiety over losing your job. Healthy venting through keeping yourself active will help keep you not only in a more positive state of mind, but on the right track towards restoration of your life.

Most working people are exhausted even on their days off from work, and take time to decompress. With yourself so stressed over being laid off, it is important to take your mind off things. After you have sufficiently rested for a few days, you can start keeping yourself active, looking for a job, getting your employment and compensation claims in order, and maybe doing something completely different. The thing is to keep busy, one way or another. Whether you find work in a few days, weeks or a number of months, you will be going through a lot of conflicting, up and down emotions. Doing something positive helps to sort through the anger and sadness, putting your life into proper perspective.

If the unemployment persists past a few weeks, look at the idea of starting a home business, going back to school. Or even take the time to do something completely-anything to keep yourself going . Sometimes, you have to take lesser or part time jobs. Whatever can be done to better one’s predicament helps to keep good feelings going. The more elevated the general mood being is the better for you. Constant sadness and depressive states take the vitality out of life and living, limiting the unemployed person’s POV. It is about restoring some kind of work, but not at additional huge emotional costs.

Taking time to re-discover yourself, in a positive vein, is crucial. Most unemployed people eventually do find work, but many go through horrible depression and anger. Although one needs to work and make a living, one shouldn’t fixate on it until almost the point of emotional collapse. Healthy venting, regrouping and restoration of income is important. There are many possibilities out there. Use your time well and constructively. Know that in your heart and soul. Through that knowing, one stays more positive, instead of endlessly obsessing over things. After all, financial collapse is not imminent in your life. You do need work, but it doesn’t have to mean the next day either.

In good times or bad, being unemployed can devastate one’s psyche. Esteem and self-confidence are not the only things to fall. But they usually are the most noticeable. Keeping a good outlook on things helps to position the unemployed person into a comeback mode. Certainly, there doesn’t have to be a mad dash to re-achieve this the next day. Concerted planning, while taking time to do other things and explore all the positives, keeps one in a better mindset and more grounded.


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