Sunday, December 17

Money Buys Happiness

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We are all familiar with the saying that money does not buy happiness. However, I believe that ultimately, money does buy happiness. I will show you why that is true.

We spend most of our lives chasing the dollar. We go to school, work a job that we often do not like just to make the ends meet, and we dream about the time that we will have enough money saved up to live the life of our dreams. Most people never actually manage to save enough money to afford the life of their dreams. The majority of the population spends their life trying to survive. Just imagine how much more happy the average person would be if they had more money.

If we were given the necessary funds, we could do what we love, enjoy our time with friends and family, and be free to live life on our own terms. Money gives us the freedom to be ourselves. When a person is financially secure, they no longer feel the need to do anything that they do not sincerely want to do. This freedom of choice is so precious.

The basic difference between a child and an adult is that an adult has a choice. They do not have to ask permission to do as they see fit. Money can preserve human dignity. This is a well known fact. When you have an adequate amount of money to live comfortably, you may think that money is not that important. However, if you do not have the money to take care of your most basic needs, you realize that money is in fact the only thing that matters. You quickly understand that money runs the world and that without the dollar you will not be able to survice.


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