Tuesday, December 12

How to Overcome a Negative Mindset After Losing Your Job

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Losing your job can take a horrible toll on your mindset. If you’ve been at a job for years, it is going to impact very hard.. But working at a job even for a few months can have a steep impact on one. If it was only a few months, the person may blame themselves, even if it wasn’t their fault. Losing a job after many years can make a person deeply depressed-as it may be harder to get a similar job with the same rate of pay and benefits. Whether or not the job is the result of a deep recession doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. It is the effect that job loss has on the person. Self-worth, belief in one’s abilities and talents, a structure and purpose to life fly right out the window. With all of these things gone, the unemployed person can sink into a very negative mindset.

The first thing for any individual in those shoes to do is to get up again-and not retreat into a sad and sulking mood. It is okay to feel sad, to feel down. But you also want to shake the dust off and live again. Start by having a bit of a talk with yourself. Not blaming the person one is helps to overcome all those terribly negative feelings playing back and forth in the mind, making one feel less and less as time goes by. Address yourself as a human being temporarily on leave, but expected to return with a hell-bent vengeance. Hang around with positive friends, acquantances and family, but don’t drag your feet along. They may think that you are just after money. Most people can detect sadness and negativity right away. Try and smile a bit and talk to these positive individuals.

Positive thinking and beliefs draw the same. It’s okay to be upset, to feel initial sadness and confusion. But a key to returning is to restore the positive thinking in your mindset. Do not look at a job loss as an end, but a beginning. However, you will mourn the loss for awhile. In the process of doing that, you will attach yourself to more positive people and events and quietly move on. To accelerate the return to a far more positive mindset, start reorganizing and restructuring your life. Even if you do not find employment right away, you are keeping a positive thought, and may even be looking into other areas of interest. You might even decide to take a sabbatical and take a trip or even return to school. Although there will be at least some pain for awhile, you won’t be so fcused on just a myopic view of the world.


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