Saturday, December 16

How Physical Appearance Can Affect The Outcome of Your Job Interview

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HR personnel, managers and business owners have a sharp eye when it comes to hiring people. Remember, they are investing huge sums of money in hiring, preparing and training employees. Go to an interview with dirty, smelly clothes on and that hiring person is going to think that you do not care about the job. All you want is the money. Worse yet, they may think that you are an alcoholic, drug addict or mentally ill person. They may look at you with a leery eye and figure that you haven’t worked in years, because you should know not to smell so bad for an interview. Also, hiring personnel will think that you could scare off customers with bad body odors, and you could be habitual with not being clean, changing your dirty clothes and even using deodorant.

They could think something similar with uncombed, unbrushed hair, food in their moustache, on their face, in their teeth, or even stained into their clothes. Employers go by an extremely short window when it comes to hiring somebody; they simply do not have the time to closely scrutinize and query everybody. Therefore, impressions are formed in a very short period of time. They may not even have time to tell you the reason; you are just another face in a crowd of hopeful prospects that they have crossed off on their list. They go by their script that you’ll be contacted, if the company is interested. Then you’ll be thanked very abruptly and curtly for your interest, while the manager or owner turns their head to roll their eyes.

A company views every employee as a link in a chain that keeps their business running smoothly. They have to be very picky in whom they choose to add as a link. Or else the entire chain could break. With huge investments in those that they hire, and their competence and customer appearance so crucial, no employer worth their salt cannot go by a first appearance. Somebody may be the best worker in the world. Walk in with torn, damaged or worn out clothes and a thousand warning sirens go off in the HR person’s head. The same goes with low cut and very tight outfits for young women during an interview. The young woman may look seductive and sexy, but the company interested in hiring her is not filming a porn movie. They might think all she’s interested in is having as many relationships as she can with co-workers, managers and customers.

Physical appearance can be the tie breaker between two prospective employees. Always dress in appropriate, clean, undamaged clothes-with a clean, kempt physical appearance.


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