Monday, December 11

How to Blow Smoke Rings

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Have you seen people doing smoke rings and wonder how they make it look so easy?  Though it does take a little practice, blowing quality smoke rings isn’t too hard to learn, given the right knowledge.

Note:  Blowing smoke rings works best with shisha smoked from a hookah, but cigars, cigarettes, basically anything that you can legally smoke will work.

STEP ONE:  Practice without smoke.  It’s best to get an idea of how to puff the air out from your throat without smoke first, so that doing it with smoke will come more naturally.  Position your face facing straight forward, with your mouth open to a comfortable ‘O’ position.  Place your tongue as flat as you can on the bottom of your mouth, out of the way.  WITHOUT EXHALING OR INHALING, push air out quickly with your throat in small, short bursts.  It should make a very quiet “uh. uh. uh.” sound, similar to the quiet noises a chimpanzee makes.  Try and push the bursts out with as little air at a time as possible, making them as short and seperated as possible.

STEP TWO:  Ready your smoking device of choice.  If you are smoking a hookah, get it fully prepared and smoking well before you attempt to blow your smoke rings.  Make sure whatever you’re smoking isn’t too harsh for your throat, and that you can hold it in long enough to release it in short bursts.

STEP THREE:  Take a long, slow drag of your smoke of choice, and put your mouth and tongue in the positions described earlier.  Begin attempting to puff out a little bit of smoke at once, pushing with your throat, and not exhaling constantly.  You will probably need to attempt this a few times before seeing clear rings.  Experiment with the force and speed of your exhales, and note what works when attempting to form rings.  Make sure that your jaw is comfortable, and not jutted out too far.  If the smoke just blows away quickly, check to see if there is a breeze or strong airflow where you’re smoking (this can disrupt the rings before they can form).

STEP FOUR:  PRACTICE.  Every time you smoke, whether it be by yourself or around friends, practice attempting smoke rings on a few or all of your drags.  Make small adjustments each time until you have full, solid rings that retain their form as they float away.

With a little practice, and the steps above, you will soon be blowing smoke rings like a pro!  Impress your friends, do smoke rings at parties, and enjoy your new skill!

Notes:  Be careful while learning to blow smoke rings.  Use good judgement, and don’t put too much strain on your throat or lungs.  If you feel pain or strain of any kind, you should take a break and get a glass of water.  And as always, keep it legal.


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