Monday, December 11

Teaching an Alien Story

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      “We come in peace” they say. We have come to your planet to learn how you humans do many things. The president decided that he should meet with the aliens before the humans teach anything. The president was quite amazed with the odd looking creatures. These creatures speak English. After a long discussion, the president decided to let the humans teach the aliens how to make cookies.

The aliens were brought to a bakery. They looked very interested in the machines that were used. The best worker was assigned to help them. The worker decided it was time to teach them. “All the ingredients have been requested, we will start teaching in the morning”.

The next day, the aliens were there before the worker arrived. The worker then came in the room and said “are all of you ready”? OK, first you will need to place all of the given ingredients into the bowl “Which Bowl? The bowl over there”.  The aliens placed all of the ingredients in the bowl and as amazing as it sound the aliens could use a mixer. After the ingredients were mixed together the aliens asked “is that all”?

The creatures were intelligent but they still didn’t know how to make cookies. “Now that the ingredients are mixed, we can move on”. The aliens were told to pour the mixture into circular containers. The aliens asked “What is a circular container”? The worker pointed the aliens then fully understood what the worker was trying to have them do. The aliens poured the mixture into perfectly circular containers.

Once the cookie mix was in the circular containers the baker said “slowly walk over to the oven, open the door, place the tray in there, and then set the temperature to four hundred degrees for ten minutes. The aliens put on gloves and took the crisp cookies out after the ten minute time period. The worker then told them that they should wait for the cookies to cool first, before anyone tried some. Once the cookies cooled everyone had one and the aliens left earth happy and amused.

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