Tuesday, December 12

Great Tasting And Affordable Wine For Beginners!

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There are huge varieties of wine types, wine brands as well as prices. Wines could be cheap to super expensive but what is a good wine for beginners? Where should you start?

I recommend you to purchase Charles Shaw wine, if you are a newbie to wine. They sell this brand at Trader Joe’s – for just $1.99, year around, and each and every day. They have white wine, red wine- about four different varieties to choose from. This is a great starter brand so you can get an idea of what wine tastes like, see which kind of wine you prefer white or red or both, this is a cheaper priced wine but it tastes like it is expensive when really it is only $2 bucks! (Also this could be a great alternative wine if you’re on a budget). From then on, you can see what kind of wine you like so you have an idea and then you could purchase a more expensive wine!

If you go to Costco, they have a wine chart with number ratings and you read the chart, it’d tell you how good the wine is by customer’s ratings and which wine won awards and what not.

**I live in California, prices may vary in other states.


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