Tuesday, December 12

'twas The Night Before Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas

When inspecting my house

I couldn’t believe all the money I spent

I even bought cheese for the mouse

And trains and dolls and trinkets and toys

I even bought gifts for the bad girls and boys

I inspected my house to make sure things were just right

The devils were all tucked in their beds tonight

The most important thing I must check is the battery operated things

To make sure they work and Christmas morning rings

I turn on the switch and what happens instead

Was a lonesome sound of the battery going dead

I jump up in fight and headed out into the freezing night

To purchase more batteries for those devil’s delights

Out in the freeze and ready to crack

Walmart store was just jammed packed

One pack of batteries is all I need

To keep one devil happy and really pleased

The line to the checkout was three miles long

I tried to cut the line where I did not belong

A little boy soon realized in fact

You must walk to the line straight to the back

By the time I checked out it was morning indeed

I’m hungry and thirsty with corns on my feet

Hurry, hurry, I hit the street

Ain’t got time to stop and eat

When I entered the door to the wobbly shack

I screamed with joy that I made it back

‘Twas the night before Christmas is in the past

I hope these batteries really last

And then I realized I neglected me

Not one present for me under the tree

Soon the devils rose from their nightly nap

Christmas began in just a snap

All over the floor was Christmas wrap

The day began with slaving in the shack

Cooking and serving and picking up trash

I’m in the mood for a big Christmas bash

My head hurts my back has pain

Cut the noise off or I will smash that train

Night falls and it’s peace at last

The devils are quiet and tucked in their nests

Now it’s time for me to get rest!


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