Friday, December 15

Discovering Your Mind Power

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If you were asked that what is that one weapon which you need to face life and come out victorious, what would you have answered? Let me guess, your answer might have been any of those of money, fame, success or maybe a fit body. But the correct answer is your mind power. The power of the subconscious is something that is like a magic wand, having the capability to bring to you whatever you want in life. If you can unleash your mind power fully then the word ‘miracle’ would cease to exist.

Since we were children we have been told that the only way towards success is through backbreaking hard work. But did anybody ever tell us what power our own mind’s contain? That if I can control it, I can achieve anything in life? That you only use 10% of your mind’s potential?

In the first case, it can be said that the only thing we have ever heard or learnt since childhood is that if you want to make anything out of your life you have to stay up nights and slog in order to achieve it. Nobody ever actually told you that success or for that matter all abundance that you desire in your life or your destiny is only a function of your mind and nothing else. It is your mind power that has the ability to create your destiny the way you want it to be.

Another bad habit that we have all internalized since childhood is focusing only on the scarcities of life instead of the abundance. For example, we are always entwined with financial problems, less space in house, less satisfactory job profile, etc and never stop to think about the things that we have. You always think about the glass to be half empty instead of thinking it as half full.

Everything in universe in energy. Hence, if you focus all your energy in a particular thing that you want in your life, visualize its attainment strongly and go on affirming your own mind that the event will take place, you will see that your mind power, or rather your energy would affect the entire cosmos and result in the event or thing getting manifested in reality.

Moreover, since like attracts like, thinking of abundance will bring in more abundance. We are always distressed about what we don’t have instead of being joyful with what we have. You should realize that your subconscious mind power or the power of your thoughts of distress will bring in more distress while if you feel joy and gratitude, it will be these emotions which shall get manifested in your life.

Hence, as a conclusion it might be said that if you focus all your energy on something that you want and have the power of faith that it will happen, and then nothing can stop it from getting manifested in reality. Your mind power is the sole source from which your destiny is created.



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