Friday, December 15

Storms in Life

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Your life can peaceful at the moment and all of a sudden a tragic event may happen just like there is beautiful weather followed by a serious storm like a hurricane. Some people believe that some stages of their life is just a test. There is always deliverance in the end. This poem is a spiritual piece. It has the feeling of devestation and in the end a deliverance of peace. A person’s longing for peace. Life is often a long journey for some and short or unexpectedly ending for others. Sometimes people who take a long road in life are not sheltered or protected. Religion or spiritual poetry, christianity.

Quiet is the ocean and then erupts a hurricane.

So much devestation and people crying out in pain.

Serene are the drops of rain that turn into a storm.

A journey through the cold snow with no place to keep warm.

A day will come when all shall pass and souls will be at rest.

A desert storm of sweeping sands it seems that life is just a test.

Deliverance will come at last just follow the brightest light.

And on earth the storm will end and life begins a new flight.


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