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Healing Emotional Abuse – The Language of Healing And The Mechanics of Purification

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What is it about silence that enables healing from emotional trauma? The answer to this question is the essence of healing the trauma of domestic violence.

Mind-Body Medicine and Domestic Abuse Recovery

We know from the principles of mind-body medicine that there is an undeniable relationship between what’s between the ears and what’s under the skin. Every thought has a corresponding affective (feeling) component to it.

Think about an experience by visualizing the memory of the specific events and notice the emotional stirring associated with this visualization. Now, introduce another thought in the mind’s eye and notice the corresponding changes in emotion that you feel.

Given the psychophysiological connection, you can expect that with a stirring of the mind, there will be a stirring of body. And conversely, with a quieting of the mind, there will be a quieting of the body.

Rest and Mind-Body Purification

Another central theme of mind-body medicine is that the natural tendency of the body is to heal itself. Our psychophysiological system is utterly charmed by the purification process. It seeks to move in that direction naturally and effortlessly.

What did your mother tell you to do when you were sick? Probably the same thing you tell/told your children to do. Rest, right?

In a state of rest the body releases stress and that which is toxic to the system. This release process enables deeper restoration…and more profound well-being.

The Language of Silence and Healing

In light of these two mind-body medicine principles described above, what then does silence have to do with the release of trauma and healing? When we allow the mind to settle into quietude wherein there is no intentional thinking activity, stress release happens…purification happens.

The quietude is the platform for the release of toxins in the system. You see, from that absence of mental and physical activity springs the release of stress in the physiology. The mind-body at rest is the requisite condition for the purification process. It’s as though the silence is the language of healing.

Meditation and Healing Trauma

Meditation teaches us the language of healing by revealing the prism of silence. Learning to linger in the visions of quietude is your platform for self-repair and healing from emotional abuse.

If you are a domestic violence survivor and your life has been out of control, learning the mechanics of inner control, self-regulation and self-repair will propel you into healing the trauma of domestic abuse.


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