Tuesday, December 12

Seeing People Positivity… Why

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Got something from facebook  :

Prolonged association with NEGATIVE PEOPLE makes us think negatively; close contact with PETTY individuals develops petty habits in us. Conversely, companionship with people with BIG IDEAS raises the level of our thinking; close contact with AMBITIOUS people gives us ambition.

At times, we  feel content to see other people doing poorly than ourselves as it makes  us feel better.  At least this come to the mind. That person is doing poorly than me. I’m not that bad, (while smirking mischievously)

Ironically seeing other people making a poor choice or having less than what we have will have a good impact to ourselves> It like to justify our not so good life. Weird isn’t, as supposedly we should feel sympathy towards that person, and not that we feel good because of that.

Also  if we see someone has more, we tend to be cynical about it. Ahhh, that must because of that person good luck. Have you been there? Hmmm, it is good if you are not, but if you have been in this situation, you are not alone.

But each one of us has our own advantages and disadvantages.  Doesn’t  mean when other people make wrong decision, we will not make that same mistake.  However  we can take lesson from that experiences. So that we do not fall in the same trap. But instead feeling good about it, how about help these people to go through their mistake. And if you really feel good about their poor decision make, imagine yourself in their shoes.

And when a person having more than us, it is not simply a good luck, but hard work and perseverance and smart thinking of their part. So, learn from this people. Either way, both are people where we can learn something from it. In any situation, we have no right to judge people especially on simply few occasion. They got a life time to show their ability and capability. I remember a proverb, that mean what we said cannot be taken back, so be careful before you make a conclusion on anything.  There will always something good or something to be learn in something. Therefore our association with people will determine what kind a person we are.


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