Thursday, December 14

Why we Cannot See Other People as Threat

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We will always see people much better than us. Usually it will not become a burden or threatening much if that person you only meet once and you talked about it, just that. You will not feel threatened at all. But it is different when that person is near to you, like your housemate or your colleague. The jealousy is coming and  that person become a nerve to you.

It is not good to let this feelings rule you or even  let it nesting in your heart. You must learn to control it. Jealousy is normal, but good jealousy can help you. Also bad jealousy will ruin you.

Good jealousy will make you work hard in a good way, but bad jealousy makes you do anything as long as you get where you want to be.

We will always wanted to be better than other, especially if we think that are deem right, but hello, you or I do not know other people capability. Some people like to show off, but actually zero inside, whereas some are good, but show it in action instead of talking about it. Well, some thinking that no one will surpass him or her.

But that’s not the way . You are not an electrician, but it doesn’t mean you cannot fix a broken lamp, or you not a plumber, but it doesn’t mean you cannot fix a broken pipe. Just because of you are known as good, there cannot be a young inexperience people better than you, because it can.

Open mind and learn to accept new things, and you will find people respecting you even though you are supposed to be better than a younger colleagues or co-worker. Things will not always happen in a way that you and I are hoping, but trying  to accept and learn new things is much better than being jealous about it. When bad jealousy takes over you, in a very silent and frightening way, it will go back to you too.

Use the jealousy in a right way. You feeling jealous because you wanted to do better, but you and I know that we cannot be better unless we learn and embrace a new things that happen. We should always have a filtering system because not everything that come to you and me are good. What makes you, the more experiences senior having advanatages over young colleague will be a lot of experiences and you are more respected than the new inexperienced people. So use it well, because no one can take that advantages from you.



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