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Caring For Your Pet Cavie And Cages

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Similar to people and most pets, Guinea Pigs benefit from a range of various, colored toys to have fun with. Toys for Guinea Pigs can help prevent depression and boredom. Some of the inferior pet toys will break leaving hazardous small pieces in the cage.

Some have caused serious harm resulting in the guinea needing to be taken to the VET. It’s beneficial to experiment and give the guinea’s with diversity. Understand that the majority guinea’s will take no notice of most accessories, more often than not the less complicated the better and do not over do it and place to lots of toys inside the Guinea Pig Cage. Be very creative, but think safety at the outset. Some guinea pigs love a single sort of toy, others will pay no attention to the accessories. You will learn that a number of guinea’s will get bored or annoyed after a while.

Its a good suggestion to make certain the border of the hutch is free and clear for maximum run and exercise space. Guinea pig cage furnishing and houses need to be arranged within the center of the cage with sufficient room to run about the accessories and toys.

You can also craft home made Guinea Pig toys out of the simplest of things, just like an old Food container or rest room paper rolls. Anything as long as the Pet guinea pig cannot suffocate on them.

If Guinea’s do not get an adequate amount of this vitamin it may possibly result in several different infections, along the lines of tooth decay and weak bones or and illness well-known as ‘Scurvy’.

To maske sure that Guinea Pig’s to get the correct amount of natural vitamins and nutrition, make certain that they have got at least single serve of grain each day, with half a cup of veggies and fruit. In addition, hay and grass is definitely an necessary in a Guinea Pig’s healthy diet and ought to be fed to them on a daily basis. Guinea’s are herbivores and need a high fiber diet. Suitable grasses are clover, buffalo grass, & oat grass. Pet guinea pigs also enjoy dandelion & a variety of fresh herbs.

The very best types you could get are manufactured from porcelain, the non-chippable type that are available from pet stores, it is advisable to never use glass bowls as they can chip or shatter easily and your Guinea Pig may eat some of the glass and choke or cut itself.


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