Tuesday, December 12

Fish Surfboards Improve Your Surfing Instantly

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There are so many ways that you could improve your surfing. After learning to surf over 30 years ago, I have been sort of obsessed with improving my own surfing. Sure I wanted to win a few contest but that wasnt what it was all about. You might think that over the years my surfing goals would have changed. Well I wouldnt really say that because when I first started surfing I wanted to catch as many waves as I could in a day and also rip as many waves as I could.

I was never satisfied with just being able to catch a wave and ride it for a long way. Sure I enjoy taking a longboard out from time to time. But honestly I catch a few waves and go back to the car and get my fish surfboard. It doesnt matter if it a retro fish surfboard or a flying floaty fish surfboard.

You can call it what ever you want as long as it has the fish surfboard shape and design, I have found almost any fish surfboard yo improve my surfing. By improving I mean I catch more waves. Also I am able to keep up with the curl and many times get a head of it. This gives me more time to slash on the face or hammer the lip. Basically I can do almost what ever I want on the wave.

The reason for this I believe fish surfboard is a little wider making it more stable on turns etc. I can recover from my mistakes easier. Now of course this is all my opinion. There are alot of reasons that I recommend fish surfboards for beginner to advanced surfers I also have a formula for choosing a fish surfboard for myself. I like a little more float than most people. So I might buy a fish surfboard that is made for a heavier person. I want to catch waves when the surf isnt that great and have fun riping the crap out of it on a mushy day. The fish surfboard loves mushy surf.

Wait until you take your fish surfboard out on a good over head glassy day. I believe that you will be impressed by the way your surfing will improve. You will catch more waves and you will be more confident on the wave because the fish surfboard is designed to make you feel more stable.


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