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Minimum Vga For Game Point Blank Online

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Many people download & Install Online Game Point Blank but lot of questions appears about the installation failure of this game point blank. Indeed, we should also note the minimum specifications / system requirements before installation, either in hardware or Internet connection used.

this is system requirement to play Point Blank optimally:

If we look more specifically of the VGA, the VGA is the main already support Pixel Shader 2.0 and DirectX 9.0.

Pixel Shader 2.0 was introduced in DirectX 9.0,
DirectX 6.0 – Multitexturing
DirectX 7.0 – Hardware Transformation, Clipping and Lighting (TCL / T&L)
DirectX 8.0 – Pixel Shader 1.3 & Vertex Shader 1.1
DirectX 8.1 – Pixel Shader 1.4 & Vertex Shader 1.1
DirectX 9.0 – Shader Model 2.0
DirectX 9.0b – Pixel Shader 2.0b & Vertex Shader 2.0
DirectX 9.0c – Shader Model 3.0, GPGPU
DirectX 9.0L – Windows Vista only, Vista version of DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, Windows Graphics Foundation 1.0, DXVA 1.0, GPGPU
Direct3D 10 – Windows Vista / Windows 7, Shader Model 4.0, Windows Graphics Foundation 2.0, DXVA 2.0, GPGPU
Direct3D 10.1 – Windows Vista SP1/Windows 7, Shader Model 4.1, Windows Graphics Foundation 2.1, DXVA 2.1, GPGPU
Direct3D 11 – Windows Vista / Windows 7, Shader Model 5.0, Tessellation, multithreaded rendering, Compute shaders, supported by hardware and software running Direct3D 9/10/10.1, GPGPU

If you have fast CPU (pentium 4 or above) but lack directX 9.0 and T&L capability in Graphics Card (VGA), you can try Swiftshader to emulate virtual 3D graphics card in processor.

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