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Information About Travelling to Cordoba Spain And Cordoba Travel

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The city of Cordoba is located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, and it is also the capital of Andalusia. It is a very interesting place to visit, since the city has a very long history. Even the Neanderthals liked Cordoba, according to archeologists!

While you might not be able to find any Neanderthal findings in Cordoba Spain, you will be able to see some Roman findings, as well as the beautiful old town of Cordoba. Some of the main attractions are the Mezquita (the Cordoba Mosque, that was actually built on an old church!) and Spanish Royal Palace as well as the Jewish synagogue, which is in fact the only remaining synagogue in Spain today. It has not been used for religious purposes since 1492 but tourists absolutely love it!

You do not need a lot of time to see these and the rest of the old town of Cordoba, you can walk through it in an hour, so if you are mostly coming to sightsee, you should not book a very long holiday in Cordoba Spain. There are several very nice Cordoba hotels, so finding both affordable and nice accomodation should not be an issue. Besides the nice Cordoba hotels, Cordoba can also brag about having great tapas bars and restaurants as well as great entertainment, especially in the form of flamenco.


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