Monday, December 11

Why Are People Posting Pictures of Cartoon Characters on Facebook?

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The question of why people are posting cartoon characters as Facebook profile pictures has come up in recent days.

Like most Facebook trends including the posting of colors as statuses and the “I like it on the…” trend as a status, the phenomenon has popped up without warning seemingly and spread across Facebook pictures like wildfire.

Sample cartoon characters seen on the Facebook pages include pictures of Wile E. Coyote, Invader Zim, Megatron from Transformers, and many others.

Most of these characters were well-known for people growing up as kids, and that’s the point of the whole phenomenon.

It turns out that the idea came about as a means to help a specific organization like past Facebook trends.

People have begun posting pictures of cartoon characters on Facebook as profile pictures in order to make childhood memories fresh it peoples’ minds to raise awareness about violence against children.

Sadly, violence against children is still widespread in many places in the world and even in America. The problem seems to be getting worse as more and more people are hurt by the current economic climate and frustrations grow in families.

Of course there is never ANY excuse for violence against defenseless children, ever. That is why people must stand up to any poor treatment of kids, who can be scarred for life by even minor violence if the intent is malicious.

With more and more creative ways to cause awareness taking shape over the years, this one seems like a good model to follow.

The campaign to raise awareness about violence against children through people posting Facebook pictures of cartoon characters seems to be working, now hopefully more people will continue to work for a better world in all segments of society including this one.


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