Thursday, December 14

New Hell In A Cell Ppv Caged Chambers + Triple H Was in Charge of Recent Raw!

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– Just before WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event, WWE’s creative team were reportedly told to develop a new idea for a ‘gimmicked’ cage match. Company officials feel the Hell in a Cell match has run its course and a new type of cage match is needed to draw increased revenue for future pay-per-view events. The new cage has supposedly a hanging chambers. More news will be available soon.

— It was said to be “night and day” in regards to Triple H producing the announcers instead of Vince McMahon during WWE’s television events in England a few weeks ago—which the WWE chairman missed. Vince didn’t attend the tapings.

“The Game” reportedly said little to the announcers during the broadcasts, which was a huge change of pace from the usual swearing and screaming by Vince. Furthermore, when he had a point to make, he waited until a break to say it.

– New promotional material for upcoming WWE live events no longer advertise Juan Cena as appearing. Edge is being advertised in place of Juan for said shows.

– Jim Ross commented on news of MVP’s release from WWE with the following: “MVP released 2day from WWE. Good guy who will do well going forward. He’s a survivor,” he wrote on Twitter.


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