Sunday, December 17

Princess Debut For Nintendo DS Mystifying And Enchanting

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Just the storymode is very fun, but the game adds to it the element of dancing with the touchpad. You practice dancing daily by following the circle on the touchscreen. This causes your character to execute a variety of dance moves with your partner onscreen. It’s normally impossibly to watch these as you’re concentrated on the dancing, but the game provides a “movie mode” if you wish to go back and watch your dancing after the requirements of moving around on the touchscreen are removed.

The whole process of selecting your partner, making it a story-based game, and then the dancing to add additional bonding with you partner makes for a very touching and loving game for anyone who wants to be a princess for a “30 days” — the amount of in-game time you have to prepare for the ball.

I liked best the variety of characters and how your choices in-game affected their love for you and desire to dance with you. If you wanted, you could play this game multiple times and get multiple desired endings with various partners, so replay-value could potentially be high. In any case, it was a very fun game that i would love to have a sequel to or a similar game to — perhaps one more story-based filled with other events and scenes that require your in-game skill to get out of. I see a lot of potential in this genre of game. I liked it very much.

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