Wednesday, December 13

How to Prepare Your House For a Sale

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First impressions of your house make all the difference when it comes to selling a house. Potential buyers can be put off even by the smallest things, so in order to avoid this, and to sell your house faster, prepare your house for a sale a bit before you have any potential buyers coming over.

Here is a guide to small things you can do to prepare your house for a sale, and sell your house faster:


Do not have tons of things lying around the house, since clutter makes a house look smaller. Tidy up and put all things you can put away, in a place where they cannot be seen.

2.Re-arrange your furniture to make the house look bigger.

There are several ways of doing this, but one common way is to move any furniture away from the center of the room, and place it next to the walls instead.

3.Replace all burnt-out light bulbs and make sure the lighting works everywhere in your house, since lighting also makes a huge difference.

4.Clean the dishes in the kitchen.

Needless to say, the kitchen as well as the bathroom should be spotless, so get rid of anything dirty or old in these rooms, and make sure you clean all pots and pans, as well as dishes.

5.Make sure nothing smells.

Ideally, the house should be completely odor-free, but if it isn’t, freshen up with some air freshener to get rid of any musty old smells.

6.Remove litter boxes and pets.

Some people do not want to buy houses where pets have been living, so if you can, remove any pets from the house, as well as any signs of them.

7.Clean all windows and all mirrors.

This is an easy way to make everything in the house look sparkling clean with little effort.

8.Clean all tiles, especially in the bathroom.

Sometimes dirt and mold can get caught in between tiles, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Remove all spots on and between the tiles to make the bathroom look cleaner and newer.

9.Trim your garden.

Your garden might be the first thing potential buyers see, even before they enter the house itself, so cut the lawns and hedges and get rid of any dead or old plants.

Doing all these things to prepare your house for a sale might take some time, but most people do get the effort back by selling their house faster or for bigger amounts, so if you have the time and are keen to sell, try these options instead of going for expensive home staging-services. All these little things can be just as effective and you can do them yourself.


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