Tuesday, December 12

How to Save Money on Entertainment

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In these hard financial times, entertainment is the part of the budget that has taken the hardest hit in many families. But there are ways to save money on entertainment, and here is a guide to how you too, can have fun on the cheap:

1.If you have any old board games lying around, they are a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. If you are playing it with a bunch of grown up friends, you might want to alter the rules to a drinking game or something, be creative!

The same thing goes for card games of course. Is there any more traditional and old-fashioned way of having fun that still makes us laugh?

2.Have a picnic. Picnics do not need to be expensive, and you have to eat anyway, so why not do it outdoors, in a lovely place you like? Simply get a basket, or a big bag if you don’t have a basket, pack it with all sorts of goodies you have or can find, and head to the nearest beach or park!

3.Go to a museum. Not only can this be fun, it will probably also be educational. A lot of museums have free entrance, and if not, the entrance is fairly cheap, with many discounts available for children, students and people who have retired.

4.Go to a local fair. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but just looking around at a fair on a topic you are interested in, is a lot of fun!

5.Get books from the library. Reading is also fun and makes you more clever, so why not get a library card and educate yourself, while being entertained? There are books suitable to all tastes in most libraries, so no matter what you are into, you should be able to find something you like!


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