Wednesday, December 13

Ontario Nuked!

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Ontario is rolling out plans to make a massive new investment in nuclear power. Plans release Tuesday explain how the province will refurbish 10 nuclear reactors and build 2 brand new ones at Darlington Nuclear Station in the muicipality of Clarington over the course of 10-15 years. 

Officials indicate the new investment will help create an estimated 25,000 new jobs, while the construction of the new reactors at Darlington will create roughly 3,500 more. 

Keeping in mind, 15 months ago, Queens Park back shelved the proposal due to spiraling cost estimates and uncertainty over the future of Atomic Energy, yet a  source says Tuesday, the refurbishment program will be the most expensive in North America. There is no price tag on plans, but previous estimates range from $26 billion to $40 billion. 

Its nice to see lots of new jobs, but on the other side of the green grass, how healthy is it for us to introduce so much more nuclear radiation in the area that already suffers enough? 

Currently, about half of Ontario’s energy needs are provided by nuclear power, and the government’s plans to pitch its plan to retain nuclear as a critical part of the province’s energy mix. The energy plan indicated the need for the refurbishment of 10,000 megawatts (MW) of nuclear generation and the new construction of 2,000 MW at Darlington to maintain an overall capacity of 12,000MW. 


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