Thursday, December 14

Another Movie About Facebook to Hit Theaters

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Hayden 5 Media and the multi media comic book empire, Bluewater Productions are teaming up to release an animated short based off the comic Mark Zukerberg: Creator of Facebook. The short will bring a new twist and shed new opions on the already controversial story of Mark’s life and bring a whole new feel than that of David Fletcher’s featured film, The Social Network.

The movie will be shot using the same techniques used in the making of Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly.  Production of the film will begin in live action filmmaking in a digital medium before proceeding into the use of interpolated roto-scope. The result will be a mix between real life characters and animated surroundings loosely integrated for more of a comic book feel.

The comic book, which was written by Jerome Maida and drawn by Fritz Saalfeld, hits stores in late December 2010.

I personally feel that after the social network was released in late 2010, that that was enough for Facebook movies, but hey, when your making millions and pay to watch it, thus, supporting it, Mark will continue to make profit off his Social Networking Giant. Congrats to the genius mass marketing systems generated by one single website!


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