Thursday, December 14

How to Save Money on Toys

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Anyone who has a kid loves their kid and wants the best for him or her. A big part of that is giving the child what they like, and that, in most cases, is toys. But buying toys can easily get very expensive, especially if you do it often, so many parents think they spend far too much on toys. But there are a few easy ways to save money on toys:

1.Don’t buy at the last minute.

We all know that the prices of toys are extremely high right before Christmas, for instance, so whatever you do, don’t buy toys right before Christmas, at the peak of the sales for toys. Try to plan your purchases so you can buy toys off-season instead, like during the Summer Sales. This will make it easier to get cheap toys, and your child won’t know the difference anyway. Just make sure you stay away from the trendiest toys of the moment, since kids do tend to keep track of those trends!

2.Buy at garage sales

Garage sales are great places for bargains on toys. Some toys you see at garage sales can look or even be brand new, so there is really no down side to shopping for toys at garage sales, as long as you inspect each toy carefully to get an idea of it’s condition.

More and more people also go shopping for toys at garage sales these days, so it is really nothing to feel embarrassed about, it is way more common than you think!

3.Buy at secondhand and thrift stores

Secondhand and thrift stores are great, for the same reasons as garage sales, you can find things for a very small amount of money, but in great condition there, so why not give it a try?

4.Look for toy coupons

There are tons of coupon services online, that get you great discounts on specific toys, and in certain toy stores. Try it, you would be surprised by how much you can save, and these coupons are very easy to find simply by using a regular search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.


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