Monday, December 11

Teen Attempts to Shoot Cop

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A police officer in Toronto ON is lucky to be alive after a gun in which was pointed at him by a young boy mis fired. 

A 17-year old allegedly tried to shoot the officer on Saturday night while he and two other men were involved in a police chase said investigators. Meanwhile police say gunplay is what caused the death of one man and the injuries to 5 others in four separate incidents over the last 3 days. 

The incident occurred after officers stopped the 3 males Saturday night. The trio fled with police in pursuit. Police indicated that they caught one man who allegedly was in possession of cocaine and a knife as well, in violation of probation. One of the other two men was arrested after he tripped, dropping a 38-caliber revolver. During the chase, the 17-year old boy who can not be named under the young criminal justice act, apparently pointed his gun at police and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired according to later reports.  

The boy will be going though further trial over the next several months. He remains in court custody until the trial is over. The boys parents have yet to comment on their sons actions.


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