Monday, December 18

12-Year Old Boy Charged Over School Temper Tantrum

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This past Tuesday, a 12-year old boy from Dr. Ross Tilley Public School in Bowmanville ON, was charged after throwing a temper tantrum when he discovered he was about to receive a Hepatitis B inoculation shot, Durham Regional Police said. 

Officers were called to the Bowmanville school during the lunch hour after the lad became upset about the needle, indicated police. 

Police would not directly indicated what the boy intended on doing but the boy allegedly made threats posing damage to the school. After consulting with the Crown attorney, Durham Regional Police charged the boy with Threatening. 

“It is unusual,” Selby said. He said police take all threats to teacher, students, staff and schools seriously and while each case is looked at individually, he said investigators and the Crown believed the incident warranted a charge. 

The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board spokesman Judy Malfara said public health nurses were at the school performing the inoculation when the threat was made by the 12-year old student. He “made some general and loud threats against the school” and other students became concerned when they heard them, she said. 

No weapons were found in the school and all the students were safe.


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