Saturday, December 16

Grandma Kills Using Garbage Incinerator

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Anne Semenonvich, a 74-year old grandmother finally snapped after more than 20 years of abuse, suffered from her husband Alex, sending her lifelong marriage up in smoke-along with Alex.

                After Anne decided she had enough of her husband’s bullying, she went to a salvage yard and bought a used garbage incinerator, setting out for revenge on her spouse.  Once delivered and set in place, without her husband asking questions they went to bed ending what seemed to be a normal day, minus their new investment.

                It was late in the night, Semenovich, climbed upon a brick planter outside the family home, looked through the window at her sleeping husband, and shot. The woman then got her daughter, and 25 –year old grandson to help carry the limp body of her husband out to the incinerator, said authorities.

                When Anne went to finish off her revenge, her newly purchased play toy failed to operate as planned.  Without hesitation, she went to the phone book and called a local repairman to come and fix the machine. The repairman came and got the shock of his life time, for as opened the lid of the incinerator lie the remains of Alex’s grisly remains.


           Vic Small, local repairman, scared to death looked at his assistant and said “ Drop everything and let’s get out of here, we could be next!”

                Anne’s trial and horrifying story was testified in a courtroom in Alberta Canada where she is on trial for first-degree murder.


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