Monday, December 18

Tim Horton's Goes Debit

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Plans are to be rolled out and finalized at the end of the month, as Tim Horton’s brings in debit. Adding to the mastcard sliders, Tim Horton’s will be offering Interaceventully intergrating the flash program, which is similiar to Master Card’s touch and go. 

Local stores all across Canada have been seen using the new system as we speak. Its not caught on everywhere but is slowly making its way west. 

Tim Horton’s spokesperson told Toronto Star “that the caffeine-monger is always looking for new ways to improve service” And they have done. So will this make getting your morning coffee a little bit more in convenient as it takes longer to swipe, or does that matter, as added convenience of offering more ways to pay change your mind? As well, can we tip using debit and if so, What happens to all those tips? Read all about it here!!

 Adding debit to Tim Horton’s seem to condradict their original reasons why they did not offer the service to begin with. That was due to the fact they wanted fast customer service with a quality outcome. They stated that by having interac that their service would suffer. Will it be the same now?


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