Friday, December 15

How to Make a Simple Wind Generator

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Simple wind power generators cost less than a few hundred dollars to make and can be created in an afternoon. The generators require materials that can be found at local hardware stores. A simple generator requires making a blades to capture the wind’s power. Making a simple generator at home can lessen the burden on the environment because a home can get some of it’s power from the generator. These simple generators are sometimes built as science experiments to demonstrate how wind power works.

Step 1

Cut the 6-inch-diameter piping lengthwise into four 6-foot pieces. Make the blades by cutting the tip at an angle.

Step 2

Drill three holes in the metal disk. Make holes in the blades to match those made in the metal disk. Attach the blades to the disk with nuts and bolts.

Step 3

Make a large hole in the center of the metal disk with the drill so the disk fits over the shaft of the motor. Screw the blades and hub assembly into the shaft and secure with nuts and bolts.

Step 4

Attach the motor to one end of 3-foot long, 2-by-4 wood. Use the metal straps to screw the motor into the wood, and on the other side of the wood, screw on the piece of aluminum. Place a metal pipe fitting at the bottom of the 2-by-4 as a weight. The motor and blades are on the top side of the 2-by-4.

Step 5

Make a hole for wires to pass through by drilling a hole through the 2-by-4 down to the pipe fitting. Make a bearing by screwing in a metal pipe to the pipe fitting and apply grease. The pipe fitting connected to the metal pipe creates the tower part of wind generator. Use a screw on each side of the pipe. Place the wind turbine by putting the other end of the pipe a few inches into the ground.


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