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Weight Loss Regime After Giving Birth

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Although childbirth is a wonderful experience, all women want to regain Pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to find a balance between taking care of the baby and care of your body.

The biggest problem facing women is the lack of time after birth. Between feedings, changing diapers and trying to rest a few hours, women hardly find time to exercise. But weight is determined only by two factors: diet and sports (for those not suffering from any disease). It is therefore important that you give you at least an hour a day for sport. Considering that you have been inactive in recent months, resuming physical activity should be done slowly.

The second essential ingredient in weight loss is diet. If during pregnancy you could afford to eat anything, this is no longer valid after birth. Some mothers continue to “nibble” between meals, thus managing to gain weight more and more. The key to success is to adopt a healthy diet: to give up food without nutritional value and consume more fruits and vegetables. They will give you the energy needed to regain energy. Hydration also plays an important role, especially in skin renewal.

Tips for losing wight after birth:
1. Drink at least 10 -12 glasses of water a day. Skip the sugary drinks in favor of water, which can add some lemon juice. It is an easy way to cut hundreds of calories a day.
2. Get healthy snacks of raisins, walnuts, carrots and cereals.
3. Choose lean meat assortment.
4. Eat whole grains.
5. Resist the temptation to buy junk food products.
6. As soon as you feel able, you can start playing sports.
7. Discover easy ways to increase physical activity – park away from the supermarket, climb stairs and no elevator.
8. Breastfeeding! Breastfeeding burns 500 calories per day, so the longer you breastfeed, the more you burn more calories.
9. Avoid drastic diets, you can put health at risk and certainly will not work.
10. Give her body time to recover. Most mothers get to the weight prior to delivery after 8 -12 months. Do not forget those extra pounds that have occurred in a period of nine months, and must you give yourself as much time to get rid of them.


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