Monday, December 18

H2: Halloween 2

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Michael Myers is a horror icon and, although not to his credit as many notches as a competitor and hockey fan Jason Voorhees, but spells like Freddy Krueger and the animation revolution was a doll, Chucky, his influence on the genre of him nobody can deny. At a time when perhaps a remake of advertising nasal drops, no surprise that the legendary killer found himself in the cross hairs of someone who thought that the brilliantly original haunted today’s generation can not say much of anything. And so was a remake. Although, there was no ground-breaking work, Rob Zombie is at least trying to come up with their own vision and he did not just riding on big names, like it happened to be a new version Friday, the 13th. The second gear but still almost never happened. Unfortunately we did not get.

And will you enjoy it, if you think that the least bit serious horror and nerves of excitement just because someone is cutting someones head and a piece of glass and the victim while screaming like a pig. Which incidentally happens right in the first five minutes, which basically defines just what Rob Zombie plans to attack the viewer in the next hour and a half. Senseless violence for violence, zero effort to evoke the sinister atmosphere and unnecessary shots of a cow whose intestines are lying on impact delivery across the road. Halloween II is not very smart film. The fundamental problem is that it knows about him and his face is incredibly sophisticated and intelligent.

The story is not merely harmless slaughter-where under the knife the killer of two piece ends more or less sympathetic figure and a young girl every fifteen minutes is running scared in his underwear god knows where. Director and screenwriter in one person tries to give Myers some depth discussions and attempts to show viewers a bit more about what is happening in his head. Zombie did not happen, even if it has a pleasant and quite handsome wife, plaster on her weird make-up, frame up in her bright dress and stand beside the white horse will not run in horror. Any revelation Sheri Moon Zombie – who plays something like a hallucination and conscience together, as I understand it well – is to shock the viewer more than if he learned that Michael Myers killed because of that attention to the problem of famine in central Africa.

The film takes very seriously, and its creators understand that what they serve in the cinema, you might look good as a three-minute clip, metal, but a nearly two-hour horror movie is just embarrassing. And while we’re at the clips – the second Halloween in essence a second-order band’s DVD, which contains fifteen of her best songs. Myers always come on the field / hospital / brothel in / at the party, killing two or three people and then leave. Why is he doing? We do not know. Simply arrive at the place where moving a few characters, which we previously heard a word, stuck them back to their maiden ax or pushing his head into pieces and then leaves. In a way, reminds Halloween II lousy computer game where a player-killer progresses levels and disposed of anonymous enemies. Here it is not fun and often enough you’ll probably have a legitimate feeling that the film was cut out without the slightest problem at least sixty minutes, which is really nothing significant happens, only the characters die, which I often do not even name.

Zombie simply can not tell. Visually it looks quite interesting novelty, but besides the fragmentation of that happening is a major challenge and an absolute absence of fear.Yes, there is a trembling, frightened, however, one can even AZ-quiz. The real tension in the second Halloween you’ll look in vain. Not here. Instead he offered Zombie parade of violent deaths that one starts to get bored the fifth corpse. Squirts blood everywhere, all issued by a strange noise, and perhaps every man wants to look like that is wrong fortnight. It has some poetry, but it would probably be better for everyone if Zombie focused on music videos, where his lack of ideas can disguise less footage. The fact that Scout Taylor-Compton is still playing and learned that Malcolm McDowell’s is strictly an idiot, in the light languidly overhead, absurd dream sequences and a stupid story, something one could hardly much “decision.

So why three stars? Leaving aside the fact that Halloween is on the first few minutes of looking nice, because a director can handle a camera filters, could someone please change subtitles. Resound and them the musical theme from the original (or very similar) and an interesting cover version of Love Hurts by Nazareth. If this is worth the money for the ticket, it was probably pointless question.


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