Thursday, December 14


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John Carpenter showed us years ago that few environments are an exciting story as suitable as deserted snowy landscape. His film is a case in which a person is frozen, even in pursuit of the well-heated room in the viewer can discover goosebumps.Environment of the Antarctic ice and even snow landscapes of the film is criminally underused, so I guess Dominic Sena said that when it went before a quarter of a century, should be possible to make an exciting “ice” movie now. Unfortunately, it is but I came out.

Actually he did not work at all. On White’s death is impossible to praise practically nothing. Hay can not handle the atmosphere, and thus of its potentially interesting thriller has become just another homely thriller that is different from what you can find every other weekday television differs practically only because it’s more boring and that is snow everywhere . It’s unfortunately not working as it should and filmmakers can only dream about that when watching their bland creations ever felt the anxiety, fear for the characters, which are located thousands of miles from civilization or simply respect for the killer, who decided to commit the first murder on the southernmost continent in the world.

In the hands of someone better could it all possibly could be a solid thriller, but Dominic Sena really offers nothing that he should earn interest of viewers. While there is a solid shot-fight in a blizzard, but overall just not much about what happen. The characters are uninteresting and build a relationship to them is virtually impossible. Kate Beckinsale is just the opening scene passes through the room in his underwear, but then shifts into neutral, and until the end credits it transfers from its dramatic register anything worth mentioning. The same as her colleagues.

The worst is that White’s death is not an ordinary dull thriller, trouble is that when you see the monitor from every other shot, how much good and entertaining film, it could be if the camera sucked takové bumpkin like Sena. White’s death is a big missed opportunity, which he earned his commercial failure as a few contemporary film.


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