Monday, December 18

Watch Out, Germs Threaten Your Kitchen!

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But there is one more place that also became a nest of germs, namely the kitchen. You place a lot of germs that food processing is also harmful to health.Based on the research, the kitchen is a place where 25 percent of the source of nesting disease. The kitchen is dirty and not maintained can cause several diseases, including diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis.

To avoid the disease, start keeping clean the kitchen. Food is one of the causes of the spread of bacteria, for it should be wary of its processing.

Some easy ways to avoid bacteria:

Hand Washing

If you just let the water over your hands, this is not going to clean the germs. Use soap and warm water or cold, and do not forget to rub your hands at least 20 seconds. Note the important areas such as under fingernails, and areas between the fingers. Clean your hands until the two fingers from the wrist. Do this every time you prepare food and every time you clean a variety of kitchen equipment and serve food, at least, in this way, your hands will not be a Conductor germs!

Thaw Frozen Food

Frozen food is now very easy and lots available. Foods that you store in the freezer it surely must be thawed before you cook it right? If you let these foods liquid in the open air without plastic coated, then the bacteria circulating in the air will soon be able to get there quick. How to be safe? Use a microwave if you have, and if not, use the refrigerator, put the food you want to melt on the tray and place it in the fridge. At least the food is not frozen when you cook, and the germ will also away.

Location of Trash

It is not uncommon at all you will put the trash under the sink to wash tub. This turned out to be very dangerous, droplets of water and humidity that there will be a trigger growth of bacteria and fungi that are ready to invade your food being cut to pieces on it. Keep the trash from wet areas, and cover the bin with a plastic bag, so that when removing the contents, the trash you stay dry. Wash at least once a week and the sun to dry, so that germs and bacteria can not survive in your trash.

Food Storage Equipment

Often after a wash, you let the dishes are still wet, and you have saved in these conditions, in closed closets as well. Humidity is the most convenient place for the fungus to grow. If you do not keep in a dry condition, you will add moisture to the closet where you store, the result, will be ready to spread the fungus spores to your tableware. Drain and dry with a clean cloth, then store in the closet

Food Serves Notice

Warming the food many times not only cause deterioration of food, but also can become a den of bacteria if you do not heat up perfectly. If you cook in large servings, but presented in an adequate size, and do not mix the rest into the main portion. Cover pan tightly where you cook the main portion. At least you reduce the risk of bacterial growth.


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